Basic Bio Stuff

I’m the author of a lot of books, including near future thrillers, science fiction, and fantasy. I’m also a dancer, vocalist, and especially a teacher. You can find lists of my books and more at my Wikipedia page Catherine_Asaro. I  drink a lot of coffee, in particular the latte from Mad City Coffee in Columbia, Maryland, a drink which truly speaks of humanity’s ability to become civilizedI have the distinction of managing to spill coffee in every room of my house, which amuses my daughter’s cat no end.

I’m married to the proverbial NASA rocket scientist, except that he actually does nothing with rockets. He’s a theoretical astrophysicist. I like math. A lot. My daughter also likes math, and is much better at it than me (she has degrees from various fancy places in the subject). She is also a much better dancer than I ever was, having performed with the Washington Ballet in DC and the Ballet Theatre of Maryland. I teach math, physics, chemistry, dance, and writing. Sometimes I like to sing.  But most of all, I like to write.


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